How one feels going into lockdown or quarantine when one’s home has been swept away?

The corona virus crisis is hitting the world’s most vulnerable the hardest, exacerbating problems such as social inequality and poverty.

Just take the people of Pakistan, the country was still rebuilding and recovering from the  terrorist attacks for the last may decades due to US war on Afghanistan causing Pakistan 80,000 causalities and economic loss of 80 billions of dollars, the powerful floods of February to April 2019 due to the widespread flash flooding affected large parts of Pakistan leaving behind hundreds of deaths, then came the heavy rains that struck in March 2020 in particular Karachi; the economical hub of Pakistan. Many villages, and more than 1,500 families has been rescued alone in Balochistan and many in other places.

Pakistan’s most populous city has been hit by its heaviest rainfall since records began in 1931. At least 50 people have died, while the toll could rise as rescuers struggle to reach several neighborhoods. In Balochistan where 300 people were displaced due to the flood. These people were then moved to camps established by the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA). Casualties have came mostly due to roof collapsing amid heavy rains and flash flooding. Almost 100 causalities across Pakistan been reported. Due to rain, flood and storm casualties are increasing.

Pakistan’s corona virus outbreak is surging again with authorities imposing new “mini, smart lockdowns” to prevent a second wave of infections as winter approaches and Pakistanis increasingly flout social distancing and mask-wearing precautions. Daily infection rates have recently doubled over tallies recorded in August, with 615 new cases reported on October 14. At least 6,600 Pakistanis have died from the virus, with another 518 patients currently in critical condition, according to government statistics. Heavy losses are prompting the authorities to re-impose partial and full lockdowns in areas to contain local transmission of disease. Mini smart lockdowns have been imposed in Karachi, Islamabad and Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.

The second wave of Corona hitting Pakistan needs to be dealt with great efforts through your donations.

First the disaster, then the coronavirus., then the floods. Enough is enough! That’s why we are appealing for your solidarity today. We have to think and act globally so that we can beat this pandemic together. Your donation makes a difference!


College Fee For 2 Needy Sisters

Two sisters need College Admission Fee on urgent basis. Their father is bed ridden for the last 2 years, the family has no source of income. All burden is on shoulders of their poor uncle. Girls need PKR 43,000.- (USD 250.- ). Kind-heartedness will be much appreciated to help them before it is too late. No child should remain uneducated in our society. The good news is that part of it was sent to the student, and for remaining over PKR 35,000.- (CHF 200.-) is still needed.  Let us contribute generously.

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