Good of Mankind-Switzerland

For time being the Team and Board (Committed and honest volunteers with incredible forte i.e. mission orientation cum clean past cum altruistic philosophy) of our totally nonprofit association Good of Mankind-Switzerland (GMS) is a representation from Switzerland where it is registered. Later on friends from other countries could be included for the noble mission / zweck of the association:-

Zweck des Vereins: Der Verein bezweckt die Unterstützung von Projekten für Kinder, Jugendliche und Senioren. Der Verein bezweckt ,insbesondere die Durchführung von Projekten, die zur Behebung von Armut und besserer Bildungsqualität handeln. Der Verein ist konfessionell und politisch neutral. Der Verein verfolgt weder Erwerbs- noch Selbsthilfezwecke. Der Verein ist daher in das Handelregister einzutragen. (Deutsch)

Purpose of the Association: The association aims to support projects for children, youth and seniors. The association aims, in particular the implementation of projects that act to remedy poverty and improving education quality. The association is politically and religiously neutral. The association pursues neither employment nor self-help purposes. The association is therefore entered in the commercial register. (English)

The Proposal with clear Mission / Objectives includes the “Articles of Association” consists of 25 Articles. It includes Bylaws, Tax Exemption, Governing Structure and Conflict Resolution and few others. The advisory board is an unpaid position, consisting of people with experience being involved in non-profit work. GMS looks forward for significant donors and fundraising partners to the board as the organization gets moving. Helping People in Need without any discrimination is our duty, hence GMS does include the response to natural disasters serving humanity first  but our foremost passion is always Quality Education in less privileged societies like Pakistan so that these can stand on their feet. We intend to take start from a vocational Institute and a College in Pakistan. We are robustly hopeful to acquire a piece of land to move further from Govt of Punjab and some kind-hearted individuals. Genuine Investors are welcome to contact the association for the promotion of education as it believes in “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” ― Nelson Mandela

Those who wish to join GMS will agree to abide by the policy and “Articles of Association” of GMS, and will strive their best to achieve the goals of the association in broader perspective of peace, progress and prosperity in the world.


Message from President

The “Good of Mankind-Switzerland” (GMS) is a non-profit registered association with HRA ( Commercial Register of the Canton of Berne ) in Switzerland. It is involved in small projects in the service of humanity.

The objectives of GMS are very clear. Mainly providing Quality Education to Students and Helping Needy People anywhere on the globe. Both primary goals will be achieved. This is the place where you can study and learn English at the same time.

We know that in Pakistan the shady politicians, politicized judiciary and NGOs provided almost nothing to the people of Pakistan. Should we live in West? Evolved by the moving spirit of GMS Engr. M Ayyub, at your own risk. We will not keep sitting helplessly. It is the time to take the ownership of these issues and be efficacious.

On behalf of GMS, I would like to ask questions about the organization of the GMS. With passage of time GMS aims at establishing a boarding university near Mandi Bahauddin, Pakistan. From Little Things Big Things Grow.

By your heartfelt commitment and factual support, together we can provide Quality education to people and help these needy but much cherished families. Quality Education is going to be a great gift to them.

The “Wohl der Menschheit und Schweiz” (GMS) is a non-profit registered association with HRA (Commercial Register of the Canton of Berne) in Switzerland. It is believed in small projects in the service of humanity that education is the cornerstone of any society involved.

The objectives of the GMS are very clear. Above all, providing high quality education to students and helping people in need all over the world. Both primary goals go hand in hand from the beginning of this union. It is determined to establish a Vocational Institute along with a college in Pakistan apart from voluntary assistance to the community in Switzerland.

We know that in Pakistan the shaded politicians, politicized judiciary and NGOs provided almost nothing concrete to people in Pakistan, but gave only the botched institutions. Should we live in West on deportation or let us hold an initiative; By the moving spirit of the GMS Engr. M Ayyub, in our own to bring a change in the lives of less privileged people. We will not sit helpless. It is the time to take ownership of these topics and become an effective member of the association.

On behalf of the GMS, I ask for the donations or even investments of organizations and individuals in Switzerland and other wealthy industrialized countries. Over time, GMS aims to create a college boarding school near Mandi Bahauddin, Pakistan. Grow from Little Things Big Things.

Through your deeply felt commitment and factual support, together we can provide quality education to the people and help those needy but much cherished families. The quality of education will be great gift to them, which will not only make them happy, but our conscience will be blissful.

Sajid H. Shah

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